Thursday, 12 November 2015

Prepare yourself, It's Coming. Wrapping.

6 Weeks to go till the big day and this week we're thinking about something that isn't normally given any thought and, though might seem insignificant, can make or break a good present. It's...


Notice how we didn't say wrapping paper there, but more on that later. The packaging of a present really does mean a lot. A well wrapped and finished present not only shows you've taken time and care over their gift (even if you actually haven't) it can also add to the intrigue. We're sure we aren't the only ones who get a little flutter of excitement when we see an item is in tissue paper with a bow.

Now first off, before you even get down to the folding and finishing, you need to decide what you are going to use. Now you might think this is a bit obvious but as we hinted at early you don't just have to used the conventional paper to wrap up your gifts. You can use head scarves as we talk about in last weeks blog, vintage wall paper, posters of the persons favorite band or actor, old comic books, vintage sheet music and even newspaper, anything can look quite pretty with a bow. It's all about make do and mend with us at HQ and the suggestions before fit into that perfectly, it's all about saving the world and look fabulous at the same time. If that's all a bit much for you, have you thought about printing your own? All you need is brown kraft paper, a potatoes and some shape ideas and your away. We made a very lovely Christmas tree one last year, if we do say so ourselves.

Now once you've got your wrapping of choice, we've gone for a comic book for our demonstration, you can begin our five step guide to the most awesome present finishing.

Step one: Preparation.

This might sound obvious but remove all the price tags, it saves your embarrassment. Next box your present, it will really make your life easier and look so much better. We didn't but you can wrap your gift inside the box with tissue paper or an extra treat to add to it's loveliness. 
Lay your paper on to a flat service, again making life easier, and get out your scissors and sticky tape. Now your ready to being.

Step two: 
Place your gift in it's box in the centre of your paper, making sure you have enough around the sides to cover easily. Remember you can taketh away, you can't giveth. You might like us need to attach two bits together, remember to have the frayed edges on the inside. Finish by placing your item upside down in the middle.

Step three:
Take your paper at the longest side and fold it over the box, making sure you crease the paper. Let go, and then fold the paper at the crease. It will make the present look smarter and tighter. Refold the paper putting a small amount of tape on the crease. If, like us, the paper still doesn't quite meet, you can steal a bit off the side to add in an extra panel.

Step Four:
Next work one side at a time. Fold the side of the piece of paper into the middle, making sure you have a nice tight crease and cut off any excess. The fold the other side in, tucking in any loose pieces. Next fold up the bottom, making sure it is even and doesn't go over the top, cut if you need to then stick down, again only using a small amount of tape.

Step Five:
Now for the fun bit, finish off you gift with ribbons, notes, sweeties and more. These bits will hide a multitude of sins so even if your wrapping isn't great, *cough* a little bits like ours, your gift can look fabulous. This is where you can make it really personal and pretty. Have a look at our Parday Time board on Pinterest for more ideas. 

And your done! All you need to know now is the last posting dates from royal mail so you can make sure your gift gets there:

Latest Recommended Posting Dates
International Services 
 International Economy (formerly known as Surface Mail)
Monday 28 SeptemberAll non-European destinations (except Canada, Far East, Middle East,
South Africa and the USA)
Tuesday 29 SeptemberFar and Middle East (except Hong Kong and Singapore)
Tuesday 13 OctoberCanada, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, USA
Tuesday 3 NovemberCyprus, Eastern Europe, Greece, Iceland, Malta, Turkey
Tuesday 17 NovemberWestern Europe
 International Standard (formerly Airmail) and all
International Tracking and Signature Services
(formerly Airsure® and International Signed For®)
Friday 4 DecemberAfrica, Middle East
Monday 7 DecemberAsia, Cyprus, Far East, Japan, Eastern Europe (ex. Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia
Tuesday 8 DecemberCaribbean, Central & South America
Thursday 10 DecemberGreece, Australia, New Zealand
Monday 14 DecemberCzech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland
Tuesday 15 DecemberCanada, Finland, Sweden, USA
Wednesday 16 DecemberAustria, Iceland, Ireland, Portugal, Spain
Thursday 17 DecemberFrance
Friday 18 DecemberBelgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Switzerland
 Contract Surface Air Lift
Friday 13 NovemberSouth America, Central America, Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Far East, New Zealand, Australia
Friday 20 NovemberUSA, Canada, Middle East
 International Standard HM Forces Mail -
British Forces Post Office® (BFPO)
Friday 27 NovemberOperational BFPOs
Friday 11 DecemberStatic BFPOs
UK Services 
 UK Inland Services
Saturday 19 December2nd Class and Royal Mail Signed For®
Monday 21 December1st Class and Royal Mail Signed For®
Wednesday 23 DecemberRoyal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed®

And your away. Have a look at our wrapping page on our website here for some ideas, have a gander here at our ties if you liked the one in the box and for more info about posting times have a look at the royal mail site here

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