Friday, 27 May 2016

Keep Your Pecker Up: Vintage Saying of the Week

We love a vintage phrase in the office, no suprise really given our name...

What's your tale, Nightingale? = What have you been up to? we thought we would share our favourite with you each week on our social media (Facebook and Twitter) and compile them all here:

Week 15:
"Peepers" = Glasses i.e You've got some good looking Peepers on today

Week 14: 
"Ain't that a bite" = That's too bad i.e Forgot your lunch? Ain't that a bite

Week 13:
"Large Charge" = Something that's exciting i.e This weekends got such a large charge

Week 12:
"Apple Butter" = Smooth Talk or Flattery i.e Use some of your Apple Butter to get us some free ice cream

Week 11:
"Blast" = To have a good time i.e Friday is such a blast

Week 10:
"Nuggest" = Loose Change i.e Have you got any nuggets for the jukebox? 

Week 9: 
"Kick" = Some good or a fad i.e. Man, those shoes have got the kick

Week 8:
"Lighting up the tilt sign" = Not telling the truth i.e. I think that chaps lighting up the tilt sign about those missing cakes

Week 7:

"Made in the Shade" = Guaranteed Success i.e. "This day out's made in the shade"

Week 6:

"Chariot" = A car i.e. "You've got a nice chariot there"

Week 5:

"Ice It" = telling someone to forget something i.e. "Ice it, no one needs to know there was a cake here this morning"

Week 4:

"Bake Biscuits" = to make records i.e. I wonder when (Insert band of choice) is going to bake biscuits again.

Week 3:

Agitate the gravel = to leave i.e. "Let to agitate the gravel, it's weekend time"

Week 2:

Fat City = a great thing or place; Happy; a good situation i.e. "This weekend is going to be Fat City"

Week 1:

Zorros = the jitters i.e. "I've got the zorros about that date tomorrow night"

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