Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Keep Your Pecker Up: Our Weekly Vintage Tips

As you might have read, each week on our social media, we share the best tips we find whilst rummaging through books, old magazines and with some more modern ones slipped in to share their usefulness/silliness with you

And we thought to make it all the easier for you to keep up to date with these little pearls of wisdom, we would complied them all here and will update them each week so da ta, enjoy.

* Disclaimer: Please take care when using these tips and some of them with a pinch of salt, we don't take responsibility if anything goes wrong including upset tummies and explosions*

Week 23:
Want to absorb all of those nasty juices that turn up at the bottom of your bin? Place a couple of sheets of newspaper at the bottom, which can be recycled once soaked.

Week 22:
If you're fed up of your pesky pans boiling over, place your wooden spoon on top. It stops the water coming up.

Week 21:
To bake perfect fairy cakes, you need to create a happy space in the kitchen. Light candles, put in a pretty housecoat and play soft, soothing music to help you mix excellent batter. (From Homemaking Hints for a Happier Home 1959)

Week 20:
To cool your wine quickly and without diluting it, use frozen grapes as ice cubes.

Week 19:
Keep your bathroom glass water mark free by rubbing a teaspoon of lemon oil on the glass twice a month. The water will just bead up and roll off.

Week 18:
For the sparkiest of pearls all you need is warm water, a soft cloth and a very mild soap. Dip the soft cloth into the soapy water and gently wipe the pearls with the cloth. Do not immerse them into the water.

Week 17:
To impress guests, there's nothing more fashionable, yet tasteful, than the Margarita. Just remember to go easy on the measures; there's nothing fashionable about a drunken hostess. "Homemaking Hints for a Happier Home 1959"

Week 16:
Want to jazz up your evening cocktail? Why not juice up your ice cubes or even freeze up at olive. The colour and taste will become stronger as you drink and it won't water anything down.

Week 15:
When you entertain, don't hesitate to ask different types of people, because that makes an interesting party. But don't invite people who will be at such odds that it causes real conflict "Ladies Home Journel Art of Homemaking. 1973

Week 14:
If your tea towels have become a little drab, boil with Lemon rind to whiten them up

Week 13:
Has your favourite G Plan table got scuffs on its leg? Rub walnuts on the to make them go away.

Week 12:
Keep your bathroom glass water mark free by rubbing a teaspoon of lemon oil on the glass twice a month. The water will just bead up and roll off.

Week 11:
For Lipstick stains, if the fabric is washable, saturate the spot with hair spray, let it sit for 10 minutes, then dab with a damp cloth or sponge to remove. Launder as usual to wash out any residual stain and spray.

Week 10:
Use an old vintage tin or pot as a lost and found box in your house and fill it with the bits of toys, spare screws, odd keys and lonely puzzle pieces. So when you finally need it a month later, you'll know just where it is.

Week 9:
Struggle to get your rubber gloves on and off? Sprinkle a little talcum powder inside and not only will you hands slip in with ease, they will also come out baby soft.

Week 8:
To deodorise your vintage shoes, fill two old stockings with cat litter and baking soda. Place one stocking into each shoe, leave over night and presto

Week 7:
To get rid of bad smells in your oven, squeeze two lemons into a baking dish filled with an inch of water and toss in what remains of the lemons. Place the dish in the oven and bake it for 30 minutes at 250 degrees. Not only will your oven smell like lemons instead of scorched food, the citrus oils will soften gunk on oven surfaces, making it easier to remove.

Week 6:
Peg the pleats on your skirts and dress to make them easier to iron.

Week 5:
From stopping mouldy books to bent records.

Week 4:
Don't know what to do with all those stale buns after BBQ weekend? Try these...

Week 3:
Ways to organise your photos.

Week 2:
Stale, soft chunks of bread, rubbed over wallpaper in even, vertical strokes, “erase” the soiled spots–even very visible fingermarks

Week 1:
Use sticky tape whilst cutting fringes for a straight line and none of the mess (Just don't wince too much when you try and pull it off)

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