Saturday, 2 May 2015

Do Your Bit: Kiss for VE Day

Well this is  probably is the easiest and most fun Do Your Bit campaign that we are going to try and get you involved with. On the 8th May this year, it is going to be 75 years since the end of fighting for many europeans, the day that the Nazi's finally surrendered, Victory in Europe was declared. There are many different events going on around the country and if we weren't on our break, we'd be organising our own but we sadly are so have decided to jump on The Royal British Legion's campaign for remember the day, #KissforVEDay instead.

The video above gives you a little insight into the what they want from us but in essence, you just need to kiss. Yep, that's right, just purse those lips and share the pics to remember the day victory was declared. The idea is that on the day that people finally heard the war was over in Europe (they had been waiting for a good few days by the time it was) everyone was so over joyed with emotion, people spontaneously kissed each other all across the country and The Royal British Legion want to recreate that love.

We've been practising and have already shared a picture on our Instagram and Twitter of our Head Honcho getting involved but don't worry we will be posting another on the actual day, don't say we don't do it properly but we would love to see yours to. So get puckering and share your pictures with us @WYTNightingale and @PoppyLegion with the #KissforVEDay hash tag and spread the love.

There are several other events going on across the country so do a bit a research to see if anything is happening in your area or take a look at The Royal British Legions Getting Involved page to see about organising your own thing.

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