Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Our New Vintage Tip of the Week

You know we believe a lot can be learnt from the past. We like looking back and picking up the goodies, ideals and tips they had to help make today a little brighter. 

And we love to share these little gems with you, our website and stalls are full of the goodies, this blog is where we show the ideals but those little tips have been left on the wayside.  So we have decided to start a new weekly post over on our Facebook and Twitter, called Tip of the Week. 

We'll scour old books, vintage magazines and the world wide web to bring to you the best, silliest and down write strange tips from the past 100 years for you to use or laugh at. Look out for them every Wednesday, starting today.

This blog falls into our Our Updates series which is all about keeping you up to date with our dastardly plans. Find out more about this series and our others at on our Overview blog or find more in the same series by pressing the "Our Updates" tab at the top of the page. 

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