Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Prepare yourself, It's Coming. Present Idea: Scarves.

For our first week, we are going to ease you in gentle with...

We don't need to remind you how much we love these little beauties. Not only do they make great head pieces (or horrid hair savors as we like to call them) as modeled by our lovely head honcho, they also have more uses than a swiss army knife.
Bad barnet days we've covered, but did you also know...
  • They make great lunch bags, just wrap everything up like your a runaway in panto.
  • Damp bench/mucky ground? Perfect mini picnic blanket
  • If your lost in a crowd they make location markers, though you might get a sore arm from all that waving.
  • They fill up an empty neck wonderfully, completing every outfit.

  • Any handbag looks 10 times better with one of the side?
  • If you collect a couple you can make them into fantastic cushions? Just sew 2 together with a zip and your sorted.
  • They make great wrapping paper, like the picture below. 

So you can see they really do make brilliant multi-functional gifts and perfect little stocking fillers or for a tough secret santa. 

We have a lovely selection on our website and an ever changing amount in the shop starting from £3 so start your christmas shopping with a swing and get buying.

Special thanks to Amarillo y Crema for the wrapping picture.

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