Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Your 6 month Will Do check.

Welcome to our 100th blog :) Resolution check time. Yes we know, it can't be 6 months since you made them. But it is. Time has whizzed by like a gnat flying passed your ear, annoyingly too fast to catch and unrelated proof that to say your one voice is insignificant means you've never spent a night with a lone bug.

But back on what we were nattering about, you should now be half way through your New Year's Resolutions. 6 months into your 3 times a week gym sessions/sitting in the sauna, 181 days into your eating better/sneaking in the occasional (packet of) biscuits and 4344 hours into your not smoking (which we reckon you've felt every second of). How well have you done? Well done, you dedicated things! We've not been as good as you (though we're not quite sure you didn't just fib that) and possibly, maybe, might have forgotten them at HQ. But, but, but after reviewing the list, we can hold our heads up high and say we've not done bad, not bad at all.

Our 4 were...
1. Be more organised, it makes life easier
2. Take every opportunity going, you never know where they lead
3. Learn to use our lovely over-locker we bought last year
4. Make more time to talk to squirrels

Organisation wise, we are still working on it. We were doing great till the opening and then it went a bit squiffy but we've been going for 3 years now (Our Head Honcho started off doing stalls under her own name) and we've definitely improved dramatically since then so it's working progress :)

This year so far, has been full of opportunities. Only 6 days from our original blog, we were approached about the lovely unit that our shop now fills and even though we were apprehensive at first, we are so glad we took the opportunity as we love it! There isn't a day that goes by that we don't have a conversations there that leads to something fabulous, even if it is just a fact about the building (Did you know churches have a spare door to let the devil our from? MmmHmm, nice little fact to share over the biscuit tin) 

The over-locker we had completely forgotten about but it's still lurking and we still have time :) and Squirrel wise? Well, with all our exciting adventures we've not had a spare minute but hearing on what they do to the roof in the church, where our shop is, we don't think we want to. 

Don't feel too disappointed if you too haven't fully tried with your pledges, none of us are Superman (other than Clarke Kent but we bet even he hasn't kept with his "must spend less time near phone boxes") Don't berate yourself, instead look back and see what you have achieved, we bet it's more than you think.

Have you moved house, not broken any of your favourite glassware, written a best selling novel, managed to not kill your house plant or have you just simply survived?

Once you've had a think, write down all of your "I Did's", reread them, feel terribly smug with yourself, show it off to other people to show how fabulous you are and have a day off your 2013 tasks. One day can't hurt, can it? 

Then tomorrow, fresh from your break, survey your old list. Is it a bit unrealistic for you to plan to take over the whole world, or is it not important to run the marathon anymore? It's always refreshing to have a review of your goals and reignite your passion for them, because we can all get a bit jaded or in our case, buried under an avalanche of ideas.

We've decided for our list to take off those pesky squirrel critters and add "Eat more cake". Shouldn't be to hard to keep that one. Good luck with the next 6 months.

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