Monday, 31 December 2012

Looking back....

It's that time again, to start taking stock of the year gone by and although we know that time can't really speed up on us like a spinning car at the waltzers, this year seems to have flown by! We could have sworn that summer even hasn't arrived yet... :) 

Our guess is that right now you'll be preparing to get yourself all sparkling and spangly for tonight's festivities (we donning the glitter as we type) and starting to think of your answers when someone inevitably asks at one minute past midnight what your New Year Resolutions will be. You might even be all insightful and think back to the resolutions you made last year and whether you kept any. Shamefully here at the office most of us couldn't even remember them but we obviously, it goes without saying that kept them. Cough cough :)

Now instead of beating ourselves up about our failings as people, we decided to write an 'I Did' list so not to dwell on what we didn't achieve, but to bask in the glory of what we did.

Ours included:
          "Moving house and moving office with style and grace"
"Successfully not biting ones nails again" 
          "Starting cycling to work"
"Organizing our own fairs"
         "Meeting a whole bunch of lovely vintage ladies and gents"
"Found ones true dance calling in the shape of Jive"
         "Heating the whole of ones house with a wood burner"
"Bought a van, sold it, bought a trailer, love it!"
         "Wrote and kept writing some lovely blogs"
"Bought a gorgeous overlocker" name a few.

Suddenly our year didn't seem such a waste and we felt quite happy with ourselves. So why not give it ago and write your own 'I Did' list and when that crafty fox asks you the dreaded question at 12.01am you can reply smugly "I haven't decided yet but did you know what I managed to get done last year?..."

We would love to read some of your I Did's, why not commenting on our blog, leave a post on our facebook page or reply on our twitter with the hashtag #IDid   

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Friday, 17 August 2012

Do Your Bit: Showering for Glory

Now we don't think saving our lovely little environment is always laughing matter but we love the comic genius that comes from the Do The Green Thing and this video below is one of its best.

Water is such an important commodity in this world, it is necessary for all life. Here in the western world, we forgot how precious is can be, with our personal taps and instant supply. We have all seen what happens to house plants when they runs dry. Their lack of life and strength. Imagine us like that, and suddenly water importance comes flooding back. And wasting it? Well that's just darn silly

It's silly to leave the tap on whilst brushing your teeth, silly to ignore that dripping tap and it's certainly silly to stay under your shower for 10 minutes, soaking your skin.

The sport of short sharp showers blossomed in WW2 but as we prospered this brilliant sport has been forgotten. But now with the Olympics reigniting our love for sport and our drought only just averted, it's time for a come back. Watch the video to get tips from an expert and give it ago. If you follow the link, you can also download a brilliant poster showing you all the allowed shower positions.

We will be Short Sharp Shower champions again in no time.

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